Newfoundland Sweet and Crummey Reads

Hey everyone! I’ve been asked to be a guest author on! I’m excited for this opportunity to get my posts out there to a wider audience. BookSmartTV is great because it not only provides reviews of books but also interviews with authors and information about writers and the writing process. There’s even a television program for my US readers! You’ll find my first post below. A huge thanks to Diana Belchase for all of her support and guidance. You rock, Diana!


by Darryl Keeping, Guest Author

Newfoundland’s Michael Crummey has a way of telling stories hat speak to the Newfoundland experience while also exploring universal themes that appeal to all readers. Awarded the Writer’s Trust Fellowship in 2015, Crummey’s poetry and prose – in multiple genres- have become some of Canada’s best-loved works.

The Canadian flag flies over the mountains(courtesy of Prexels)

Where is Newfoundland?

Newfoundland an island in the North Atlantic. Technically, the full name of this province of Canada is Newfoundland and Labrador, with Labrador connected to Quebec and, therefore, the rest of the country. It was the tenth and final province to join Canada in 1949. Depending on where in Newfoundland people come from, the influences …

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